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And the Lord said… Go Sox!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Thank goodness! St. Louis won’t be so bad tomorrow after all. Or maybe it will be full of rioters. Anyway… no game 5 to worry about!

Felt the BABY MOVE!

Monday, October 25th, 2004

Chris has been feeling a little bit of movement and last night I got to feel it too! Very faint… He was kicking or hitting the wall of her belly saying he needed some beer or somesuch.

Anyway… big day

w00t a weekend….

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Phew. From driving out to Possum Kindom lake to take shots of Joel & Leslie to replacing our garage door opener, its been one hell of a weekend. In the midst of all of that, I also have been setting up the new computer and trying to consolidate hardware. I’ve got most everything done, but I need some mounting brackets for my internal switch. If I can do this, I can mount it in the rack and quickly clean this mess up.

The garage door was certainly fun to do. It actually was not TOO terrible for a first time guy like me. It only took me about 1.5-2 hours total (football is REALLY important folks. Though not important enough to compete with game 2 of the world series…. lame). In town this week until Thursday when I get to fly to St. Louis on the day of Game 5. What a horrible bad mean thing to do to myself.

So anyway……

Congrats to Kristina who is now married!

Oh… Chris has a new food avoision (aversion? I say avoision!)… pork. Manifested itself during dinner tonight, but thankfully she was able to find refuge in her pickle jar by way of dessert. Man she is weird.

Okie dokie… out for the moment.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Its a little chilly up here in Minnesota while you guys are steaming down in Tejas. Though even for Minnesota, it is rather balmy. Today, 60 as a high I think. Still long sleeve weather regardless.

Well, I think I have finally decided on an iPod over the Dell MP3 player and others. iTunes is pretty damn sexy and having it integrate so tightly with the iPod (marketing, but whatever). Anyway…

Meetings are getting ready to start so I’ll run away now.

Sunday, October 17th, 2004

Well, this weekend was pretty damn good following a less than great week. Saturday consisted of haircuts, and playing with our cute niece. Then I left Chris at her sister’s house and went and saw Brent, Angie and Vincent. Took about 140ish pictures of Vince for them and hopefully a few turn out for them. We had some tasty dinner, enjoyed each other’s company and then I headed home.

I had to leave a key out for James as he crashed at my place after a friend’s bachelor party. We enjoyed breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe and met Amy there. Then ran by Market Street where we picked up some shrimp and caught a glimpse of a wind-blown skirt. Came home and watched a pretty good week of football. Started out REALLY bad, and I lost the games I was wanting wins out of the most but it ended up working out not too badly and I did not get too far behind in the overall standings.

Tonight I’m preparing to teach class tomorrow. All about Policy. Fun stuff.

Off to St. Paul on Tuesday and boy is it cold up there! Will be back later this week and hopefully I can stay on the warmer side of the Mason-Dixon until Mayish of next year

Early voting starts tomorrow! I’m going to get it over with and forget about it. I’m getting really tired of the bullshit, and hopefully things will be better on the other side of Nov 2. Well, 2 days after I’ll be getting another year down the road of life, but whatever.

Enjoy your week!

More debate, more crap

Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

BOTH sides have misinformation and its getting rediculous. And Kerry quoting media outlets is a little dangerous when they are clearly anti-Bush.

I’ll be exceedingly happy when this election is fargin over.

Busy, but good.

Monday, October 11th, 2004

Hey folks, we DID try sailing this weekend, and boy what a weather filled mess it was. I think it rained the entire time we were out on the lake, and we cut our time short due to it. Had very decent winds tho. High enough to make me reef the genoa and eventually take it down. We were easily doing 6 knots on main alone.

I also came to the conclusion that sailing is only fun in the rain if you are on the ocean with 6-10 foot swells. mmmmThatSoundsGood….

Oh, I have a new toy now. I finally got my Kenwood D7A in and had to re-solder some cabling but I was able to make a connection between it and my GPS (OLD Garmin 12XL. Still works tho!). What does that do? Well, it allows me to have some APRS fun! On the right there you will see a link that says “Find me!” Clicking on it will take you to a site that gathers the data transmitted and will show you where I am! This of course requires me to turn ON the GPS, but since it is a new/fun toy for me, I’ll probably turn it on a few times It also sometimes seems to have some intermittent failures (this one may be cable related). It currently shows me in the incorrect place. Maybe I’ll go fire it up shortly and see if I can get it to correct itself.

Anyway….. This week is going to be very busy with both social engagements as well as family and work fun. I’ll keep you folks posted! Also, if I have not mentioned yet, there are some new pictures in the Gallery. Have fun!


Saturday, October 2nd, 2004

What a beautiful day today was. With fall seeming to FINALLY arrive (damn the 22nd of September), the windows of the house have been open. Chris being home (and a little stir crazy) decided to take down all the summer decorations and put up fall. Its quite decorative here in the house with the oranges, reds, yellows and browns. I was hoping someone would view the house this weekend because I think these decorations present the house better than the summer ones do.

Another great day of football coming your way! Tomorrow should be interesting considering nearly every team suffered major losses last week due to injuries. James…. GOOD LUCK!

We saw Garden State today, the Zack Braff production. Interesting film for sure! There is quite a bit of symbolism that I don’t believe I fully grasp at this point, but it may be one of those movies you need to see more than once. It had some really cool music in it for sure.

I’m off to St. Paul next week so I hope you all keep Texas nice and cool for me when I get back