w00t a weekend….

Phew. From driving out to Possum Kindom lake to take shots of Joel & Leslie to replacing our garage door opener, its been one hell of a weekend. In the midst of all of that, I also have been setting up the new computer and trying to consolidate hardware. I’ve got most everything done, but I need some mounting brackets for my internal switch. If I can do this, I can mount it in the rack and quickly clean this mess up.

The garage door was certainly fun to do. It actually was not TOO terrible for a first time guy like me. It only took me about 1.5-2 hours total (football is REALLY important folks. Though not important enough to compete with game 2 of the world series…. lame). In town this week until Thursday when I get to fly to St. Louis on the day of Game 5. What a horrible bad mean thing to do to myself.

So anyway……

Congrats to Kristina who is now married!

Oh… Chris has a new food avoision (aversion? I say avoision!)… pork. Manifested itself during dinner tonight, but thankfully she was able to find refuge in her pickle jar by way of dessert. Man she is weird.

Okie dokie… out for the moment.

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