What a beautiful day today was. With fall seeming to FINALLY arrive (damn the 22nd of September), the windows of the house have been open. Chris being home (and a little stir crazy) decided to take down all the summer decorations and put up fall. Its quite decorative here in the house with the oranges, reds, yellows and browns. I was hoping someone would view the house this weekend because I think these decorations present the house better than the summer ones do.

Another great day of football coming your way! Tomorrow should be interesting considering nearly every team suffered major losses last week due to injuries. James…. GOOD LUCK!

We saw Garden State today, the Zack Braff production. Interesting film for sure! There is quite a bit of symbolism that I don’t believe I fully grasp at this point, but it may be one of those movies you need to see more than once. It had some really cool music in it for sure.

I’m off to St. Paul next week so I hope you all keep Texas nice and cool for me when I get back

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