Busy, but good.

Hey folks, we DID try sailing this weekend, and boy what a weather filled mess it was. I think it rained the entire time we were out on the lake, and we cut our time short due to it. Had very decent winds tho. High enough to make me reef the genoa and eventually take it down. We were easily doing 6 knots on main alone.

I also came to the conclusion that sailing is only fun in the rain if you are on the ocean with 6-10 foot swells. mmmmThatSoundsGood….

Oh, I have a new toy now. I finally got my Kenwood D7A in and had to re-solder some cabling but I was able to make a connection between it and my GPS (OLD Garmin 12XL. Still works tho!). What does that do? Well, it allows me to have some APRS fun! On the right there you will see a link that says “Find me!” Clicking on it will take you to a site that gathers the data transmitted and will show you where I am! This of course requires me to turn ON the GPS, but since it is a new/fun toy for me, I’ll probably turn it on a few times It also sometimes seems to have some intermittent failures (this one may be cable related). It currently shows me in the incorrect place. Maybe I’ll go fire it up shortly and see if I can get it to correct itself.

Anyway….. This week is going to be very busy with both social engagements as well as family and work fun. I’ll keep you folks posted! Also, if I have not mentioned yet, there are some new pictures in the Gallery. Have fun!

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