Did you say ice cream?

April 17th, 4:53pm


Weather Station Updated

April 17th, 9:10am

Since I know you are all DYING to know, you folks may have noticed the weather station forgetting to transmit and having flat lines in the trends (It’s FLATLINING!! *ahem*). Anyway…. Those sensors are now four years old, and apparently, electronic equipment that is exposed to the elements can sometimes wear out. After calling Davis, they suggested replacing the boards.

And yesterday, that’s exactly what I did.

So now, we see newly minted (and cleaned… sorry humidity contact) sensors up and running, and transmitting quite nicely! Check it out!

Um, wow…

April 14th, 7:58am


Pretty Texas sunset!

April 10th, 7:04pm


Snow?? Really?!?

April 9th, 5:02am


Meet Lola!

April 8th, 8:29pm


This place kicks ass!

April 8th, 5:33pm


Plastic junk

April 7th, 3:28pm


Not too shabby!

April 5th, 5:12pm


AIF, 73.2 hours (1.3 hours last flight)

April 5th, 12:14pm

photoToday’s flight was with Cayce! We tried to do a flight a few weeks ago, but Texas weather foiled us. This time of year is hard to fly VFR simply because the weather changes on a dime. More motivation to get my instrument rating… maybe this year.

Anyway, because of the high winds, I opted to scrub the long part of our flight and just stay local. We were originally planning to hit the burger joint up at Lake Texoma State Park, but with 20+ knot winds from the south, I just didn’t feel like fighting it. So instead, we went to Addison to hit the Outer Marker. UNFORTUNATELY, they don’t open until 5pm!


So back in the plane, and headed to do the downtown tour. One thing about towered airports with ground control, sometimes they don’t do a clean handoff. I had to go back to ground to get set up, and then they read a huge list of instructions to me, for which I was not prepared. They had to read it back again, and it took me a few minutes before I got the correct readback. Why was I not prepared? Because I was expecting the TOWER to give me those instructions, not ground control. Amateur mistake. Lesson? BE READY.

Once I got the readback right, we took off and headed toward Love. Then did our run around downtown. On the way back, we DID get to fly over D/FW (as you can see) at an altitude of 3,500 feet. By the way, it’s hard not to laugh when a controller asks you to perform an expedited climb in a 172. We were at 1,500 and had to climb to 3,500 before we could turn toward D/FW. So, I did some climbing turns to accomplish this, and then we were off.

Flew right across midfield! VERY cool. The folks visiting Founder’s Plaza were probably wondering what that wind up plane was doing flying right over the top. Course, they probably heard my voice over the speakers too!

Also had a lesson in remembering that I was Pilot In Command, and had to be vigilant. ATC lost track of us about eight miles from Northwest Regional. Somehow our intentions were not clearly communicated between controllers, and I was getting close to an area they wanted me to stay clear of. Thankfully, I was able to quickly convey our intentions, and they allowed us to descend rapidly to our airport, which was VERY BUSY.

Three planes in the pattern and a HOST of stuff going on over at Texas Motor Speedway (race weekend!) made the need for a sterile cockpit absolutely essential. We came in behind a Piper Archer, departing to the north, and had 2 planes behind us. WOH.

Landed without incident, but sure was windy! Last landing was a little rougher than I wanted, but that’s what the gusting wind can do to you.

Enjoyed it!!

Another Debian Etch to Lenny gotcha…

April 3rd, 2:04pm

Shut down Apache or any client that is logged into a postgresql database BEFORE you run it if you are upgrading from 7.4 to 8.3. Otherwise, you will need to restore your DB from a previous backup. So far, my restore seems to be working just fine.


March 26th, 2:49pm



March 26th, 11:50am


Pretty dinner!

March 25th, 7:32pm


Hope this does not delay us!

March 25th, 12:33pm


Horray for Chicago Yellow Cab!

March 24th, 10:17am

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Chicago this year. I love the city, but freaking hate the cold. I’ve broken my rule twice already, and am preparing to fracture it a third time this week1. Regardless, thanks to the new and improved Blue Line from ORD, I have become a public transportation junkie (in almost every city I visit).

Once in the city, there are some rare occasions (especially in sub zero weather) that I need to take a cab to go twenty blocks. Small luxury, but I bet those cabbies make a ton of money on $10 rides during cold weather.

In early February I was downtown for a corporate event and took a cab from my hotel on E. Wacker to S. Wacker. I took the time during the five minute ride to chat with my wife. I was wearing a suit, and had my elbow resting on the door handle while I chatted. I arrived at my destination, hung up my call, and tried to pull my arm away to reach into my wallet. My arm did not move.


The door handle was broken and the metal piece that holds it together was exposed, and now through my suit coat.


A dime sized hole! I paid the driver, got the cab number and made some phone calls. After working diligently to find the right person (it’s amazing what happens when you ask for the president of the company’s name and mailing address), I was able to get to the claims department. I filled out my form, and am PROUD to say, I received the full reimbursement for my tailor’s bill on the reweave!


No, my suit will never be the same, but unless you know exactly where the rip was and what to look for, you will never find it, and you will never see it by looking at me in a meeting. The total amount to fix it was minimal, but I am grateful to Yellow Cab of Chicago for standing behind their company and their product!

  1. The rule is that I do not travel north of the Mason-Dixon line between November and March []

Texting by the fire

March 22nd, 7:03pm


Smells like spring!

March 22nd, 3:51pm


Chillin in the backyard

March 22nd, 3:41pm



March 21st, 5:17pm