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Another Brando Power Shake Recipe

June 26th, 7:49am
Lemon Berry Smoothie Remix, by terriseesthings

Lemon Berry Smoothie Remix, by terriseesthings

You saw the first one, here’s another one!

Brando’s Morning Power Shake, Part Deux

  • 2/3 to 1 cup 0% Horizon Organic Milk (6-9g protein)
  • 1-2 scoops Strawberry Impact Protein by Chicago Nutrition Company (24-48g protein)
  • 1/2 Banana
  • Small handful of fresh blueberries
  • Handful crushed ice

Drop in a blender and mix until mixed well.  You can substitute frozen blueberries to give it more of a slushy feel.

The Chorus of the Why

June 25th, 9:57am

Oh good gravy, it has started.  I know it is part of the universe reminding me how a pain in the ass great son I was.  In fact, I was the best son my parents ever had.  And I feel comfortable saying that at least until that paternity test comes back.

Over the last month or so, Garrett has a one word response to pretty much everything you say.  I never thought that the power of one word would cause Chris’s blood pressure to go up 10-20 points at dinner as she looks at me screaming “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”  What’s that famous word?


Us: Garrett, please put your dishes away.

G: Why?

Us: Because that’s what we do when we are done with our meal.

Us: Garrett, it’s time to go inside.

G: Why?

Us: Because we need to eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed.

G: Why?

Us: Because you need to go to sleep so you can rest for tomorrow.


Us: Garrett, STOP RUNNING.

G: Why?

Us: Because I said so dammit! (At this point I saw pigs flying by our window after realizing I just turned into my parents.)

If this is any indication of how his formative years will be spent, I expect him to be challening the Man as often as he can.

Weather Station is Off

June 23rd, 8:56am

Hey folks, you may have noticed my big warning about the accuracy of the weather station data.  I finally sent the thing off to Davis’s HQ for repair.  I was going to send it earlier, but wanted it handy for the tail end of tornado season.  I hope to get it back in about six weeks, so stay tuned!

Review: The BlackRapid RS4 Camera Strap

June 22nd, 8:51am

rs4-06First off, I’m not being paid to post this. That said, you can probably guess where this is going.


Holy crap, if you are a photographer, this is a MUST HAVE accessory for your camera.

Camera straps are something that most of us don’t think about… until we are using them. For starters, most camera straps proudly announce both the camera make and model, screaming “STEAL ME” from your neck and shoulder. Specifically, the new 5D Mark II from Canon says this.

Note to Canon: I understand you are proud. I am a proud owner of that magnificent piece of machinery, but seriously, everyone hates those “My kid is an honor student” bumper stickers just like we hate advertising how much we spent on the electronics slung across our shoulders. Some of us even go as far as blacking out the model number imprinted on the body, and others use duct tape and other tricks to make their cameras look like beat up hunks of junk to deter theft.

I immediately threw that camera strap away and purchased a generic one, and hated it just like I have hated every other camera strap I have attached to a camera I have used. In the field, using a camera strap is awkward even if you are only carrying one camera. Do I put it around my neck and support the whole weight of my camera in a manner that would make my chiropractor disown me? Do I put it over my shoulder and risk it falling off? How do I grab that thing and get it up to my face so I can see through the … damn… viewfinder.. ARGH.

Screw that.

The R-Strap series from BlackRapid is GENIUS. Here’s a video demonstrating how it works.  This strap allows you to put the weight across your core, and you can pick the camera up off your hip for super quick shooting without adjusting anything.  It’s the basic Ronco “Set it and forget it!” mantra.  You get it situated on your body, and just shoot.

I found it to be very comfortable to wear, and walking around even at a brisk pace did not cause the camera to swing around.  I suppose running would be an interesting thing to watch, but I don’t feel like trying that out.

The best part about this strap?  It makes me want to carry my camera around!

Thank you BlackRapid for this fantastic product!

I learned how to weld today!

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For Erin

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This is comfy?

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June 13th, 4:50pm

I’m on a motha f***in Jeep!

June 7th, 10:18am

The Flight Museum is exciting!

June 6th, 3:25pm

Feed me!

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This help?

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Ok, Dad. Where am I?

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AIF, 74.9 hours (1.7 hours last flight)

May 26th, 10:01am

4484_1147955064522_1396929512_30387328_6343638_n.jpgFINALLY got back up in the air this weekend! Also did a good job keeping my currency up for another 90 days as I logged a total of five landings. Garrett & I took off from 52F and headed down to Forth Worth Spinks. This airport is just around the corner from Tia & Uncle’s house, so Uncle came to the airport to fly with us! I flew right over his truck on final.

At my standard ten miles out, I contacted Spinks Tower and informed them of my intentions. The controller asked me to report a left downwind for runway 34L. Right about this time, I noticed some heavy rain in the area. Nothing at the airport, but within a few miles of the runway. No thunderstorms or convective activity either. Just some spots of heavy rain.

Heavy rain looks funny from the air. When you are sitting at ground level or driving, heavy rain makes you wet and reduces your visibility. We’ve all been in those situations where you are driving down the road and come up on a heavy rain shower. We have to slow down, maybe put the wipers on high, and squint to see as much as we can.

The difference from the air, is that you can actually see rain falling at altitude (like Springfield & I did a while back) from a distance, and you can also see the areas on the ground where heavy rain affects visibility.

Or rather, you CAN’T see them.

Where trees and roads should be, just a grayed out splotch exists… even if you are below the cloud deck. It’s very strange, and while I had good visibility of the runway when I finally did reach the downwind leg of my approach, those splotchy areas were getting closer to the airport and were easily within two miles now.

The controller called me and said that there was rain in the vicinity of the airport, but nothing actually AT the airport. Based on where I was in the pattern, I was confident that I would make it down before any of that massive rain came my way.

I was correct!

As I was turning base, I heard a noise I had never heard before in the cockpit. It sounded like the “Tic-Tic-Tic” of tiny sleet on a window. I looked up and noticed little rain drops on the window. Still had great visibility, noted the rain, and turned final. Landing was uneventful, and once I was on the ground and clear of the runway, the tower had me contact ground control to taxi over to the FBO. Once we were there, and totally shut down, the rain picked up. Finally made it to the airport, but not the blinding rain that I was seeing from the air. Heavy rain for sure, but still with enough visibility to be VFR.

After the rain subsided, we picked up Uncle and did a flying tour of Mansfield. Then decided to do a couple of touch & go’s at Arlington, and finally headed back to Spinks.

After a bathroom break for the little one, it was time to head back before any more rain decided to pop up! We gave hugs, then got out of Spinks, heading to 52F. The flight back was uneventful, though I noticed that about 10 minutes after I landed, the other 172 from the flight school landed in the wrong direction with a slight tail wind. The runway at 52F is only 40 feet wide, and 3,500 feet full length.

NOT a lot of room for error. In fact, according to the NTSB, no fatalities have happened since 2004, but there are six accidents on file (one of which is that other SportStar), four of which are landing accidents. No incident occurred, but man, you gotta be careful about that stuff.

Anyway, good flight even if I didn’t climb over three thousand!

Under the arbor

May 25th, 2:43pm