Weather Station is Off

Hey folks, you may have noticed my big warning about the accuracy of the weather station data.  I finally sent the thing off to Davis’s HQ for repair.  I was going to send it earlier, but wanted it handy for the tail end of tornado season.  I hope to get it back in about six weeks, so stay tuned!

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  1. TXTad Says:


    I’m glad you’re back online. I refer to your station daily as it’s near both my house and my office. I thought perhaps it was fatally damaged in the storm. I saw the 80mph wind posting at 7 pm with no more updates after that until the next day.

    Tad – KC5UWS

  2. captbrando Says:

    Thanks! I’m hoping to put all these problems behind me soon. It appears that I am still having some reception issues that I am working on, but mostly things seem back to normal! Glad you enjoy the site/data!

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