Chicago Cabbies, I can save you a dollar!

This past week I made a quick run through Chicago for work. I did get to see a Cubs game while I was there! On my way from the airport, to Wrigley, BACK, and other destinations, I noticed a sign in the cab authorizing a $1 fuel surcharge.

Hey, I understand that fuel prices are going up. And unlike the uneducated activists who think that all fuel surcharges should go away now that oil is under $100/barrel (guys, the prices are correlated, but not connected), I think that the cab fuel surcharge should go away for one reason.

Seriously guys, here’s that one way you will save $1 per trip (and MORE).

Quit driving like a 90 year old woman is chasing you in her Ferrari, waving her wig at you madly to get your attention, and putting her dentures on a reaching stick threatening to bite your cute little cheeks clear off your cute little face!

DAMMIT JIM! Slow down! Try driving with one foot instead of two!

Ahh, I feel better. Now, business guy in a tailored suit… fix the ringer on your phone.

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  1. captbrando Says:

    So much for $100/barrel oil… Looks like it is up over $120 again.

  2. mimi Says:


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