TX-121, you officially do not suck anymore

For those of you local to Dallas, you are probably familiar with the convenient looking (on the map), but traffic black hole called Texas State Highway 121. This used to be a two-lane highway along much of the route between Lewisville and McKinney, and is a major thoroughfare for many of the towns in between.

Well, despite all the hell that residents had to deal with (my family included as we used to live in McKinney), IT IS FINALLY OPEN! I drove it for the first time today on the actual six-lane highway piece, and it was glorious. TX-121, you have finally moved from the “CRAPHOLE FREEWAY” category to “DAMN SKIPPY.”

The only bottleneck that I know of now between McKinney & Fort Worth is the short strip in Grapevine/Coppell where you go back to a four-lane road with traffic lights. Other than that, it is smooth ace sailing for drivers!

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  1. auntie ashley Says:

    Yesh!! It is fabulous, it was open the morning of Wade’s surgery and we got there in no time. (legacy & 121)

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