AIF, 41.7 hours (0.6 today)

Well, did a quick little flight in the Sport Star this AM with Dad. I wanted Chris to be the first one I took up, but our schedules did not work with me leaving for Australia today. So Dad & I went for a spin.

We had some low level clouds around the airport when we arrived, so I just did the normal preflight in anticipation of waiting around a bit. Turns out, the weather cleared for a bit, so we got gas and went! Course, we got off the runway and quickly noticed another low level bank about 20 miles to the north west that was moving our direction. We flew over to Denton, but by the time we got there (3-4 minutes) we noticed that bank getting closer.

I didn’t want to get stuck today.

So I turned around and called Flight Watch and asked for a weather update. That layer of clouds was coming our way! So I decided to run back south and this would just be a very quick (but safe flight). So we flew over Alliance so Dad could get a picture, and then entered the pattern to land. On final, I noticed that cloud bank had stalled a bit, so I decided to do a touch & go.

On our way back around, the clouds that were to the south were coming back up to the north, so I decided to make this our last one. We landed and taxied back.

Now I’m preparing for Australia!

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  1. mimi Says:

    Thanks for being a safe pilot!

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