QPT, 35.4 hours (11.5 solo)

Getting close now! I just finished my night cross country! It was AWESOME! I think navigating at night is actually easier if you are familiar with landmarks or study the map. I did have the GPS backing me up (I would not have done it solo if I didn’t), but I saw the destination airport easily when I was about twenty miles out. On the way back, I saw the Texas Motor Speedway before I saw my airport.

I had ATC following me the whole way, and I do want to say that those guys do an incredible job. I could not imagine working in that career especially after doing my flight tonight and listening to the workload they manage. Those guys do not get enough credit, and I thank them for the job they do! It’s so comforting to have a safety net helping you out.

At any rate, I am less than 5 hours from being able to qualify! Provided the weather holds out, I will be doing my check ride on Monday!

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  1. mimi Says:

    Uh, I tried to follow you on the ham radio – not so much! Sorry, it would have been fun to hear you. Maybe next time I’ll get it right. Good Job!!

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