QPT, 19.4 hours (4.3 solo)

Big update today. This covers two flights, one yesterday afternoon and one this morning. Yesterday afternoon we did my first cross country flight. Now before you start thinking we went to Mexico, a cross country flight is defined as a flight with a landing at an airport more than 50nm straight line distance from your starting airport.

We flew from Northwest Regional to Propwash then straight over to Possum Kingdom (F35). We landed then did it in reverse. I was really enjoying using the navigational aids that 747VH had. We used the ADF to hone in on F35, and used VORs to watch our track. Plus we did the visual thing to make sure we were tracking correctly.

One fun thing we did was listen to the ticket over the ADF most of the way. God bless AM radio!

Today I got up nice and early and took the 5915A over to Propwash and did some touch & gos. There were some folks landing in the grass over there, and I want to do that at some point with my instructor. Did a few, did some turns around a point, and then called Alliance to do more touch & gos there. I logged a total of 8 landings today.

Then my time was about up, so I headed back so I could gas up the plane.

When I turned in the key and book, there was a guy that schooled me a little bit on Propwash. Apparently they have a $100 landing fee and we are not supposed to be going over there for touch & gos.


Well, guess I’ll just be at Alliance.

Next flight is going to be on Monday when we do the long cross country! Going to go from Northwest Regional to Propowash to Possum Kingdom, to Gainsville, and back to Northwest Regional. Going to be fun! Then I will attempt a solo cross country on Monday!

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  1. mimi Says:

    How was your solo cross country!!!! 🙂

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