QPT, 11.2 hours

Big milestones coming up here. First, I finished reading the text book. That’s a big one and I hope I can quit carrying that massive thing around. Second, I will be doing my solo tomorrow! Solo first, then haircut, then pick up James, then my FAA Written test. BUSY day.

Today we flew over by Propwash (16X) and practiced turns around a point. Finally, a maneuver that is kicking my ass. I’m having trouble with this one and need practice. We did a few, but since I am doing my solo tomorrow, my instructor wanted me to do some Touch & Gos. I did several, and the last couple of landings were quite tasty. Then departed out to Northwest Regional.

The Traffic Watch guys were coming back in when we were, and one of the guys (who was farther AWAY!) said he would be nice and let us land before him. Even though we were in the pattern before him. And were calling out our intentions miles in advance. Thanks. Was almost as nice as the controller at AFW telling the pilot of a single Cessna that maybe someday he’ll be lucky enough to be in a Twin.


More tomorrow!

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  1. mimi Says:

    Ok, call me after your solo tomorrow!

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