Quest for the Private Ticket (QPT), .8 hrs

I’m going to try and blog after every lesson for those of you interested in my quest to become a private pilot. I had my first lesson today!

First lesson was pretty much an intro as you would expect. We went over the forty (or so) pounds of books and material that I will be reviewing. After that, we went and did the checklists for starting up. My chariot is quite the beast. She’s a 1950’s Cessna 172, and half of the instruments don’t work. VFR only. Tis OK, but will upgrade to the IFR 172 eventually.

I did two landings today. One touch and go, and one full stop since I had a little too much float. Getting the feel of the plane will take time, but I’m going to fly as much as I can.

Got my renters insurance today as well as my FAA physical. I am waiting on some paperwork for that (can’t believe they did not fax it yet) and I’ll be golden.

I’ll keep you updated! Tomorrow I fly at 7a!

3 Responses to “Quest for the Private Ticket (QPT), .8 hrs”

  1. mimi Says:

    Ok, I am just your mom, but don’t you think you should be in a plane where ALL of the instruments work?

  2. captbrando Says:

    Don’t be silly. Back in the old days you used the sound of the slipstream to get by. 🙂

  3. shpond Says:

    I’m just waiting to hear this over the radio:

    “This is Branden, requesting a flyby.”

    “Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.”

    Then we’ll hear Branden laughing like a mad scientist as he “buzzes the tower” at a blistering 130mph.

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