I’m going soft…

I am such a softie. I’m leaving the neighborhood today and as I am pulling up to Firewheel, I see a turtle crossing the street. This turtle was smart enough to cross AT THE CROSSWALK; which I applauded. Then it dawned on me that “La fútbol mamá” (the Soccer Mom) would never stop her Yukon and would just smash the tiny speed bump.

So I shut the car down, put on the flashers, got out and walked into the street (fully planning on stopping traffic on the two lanes coming my way) to pick up the turtle and move it into the grass on our side. As I put down the turtle, a lady pulled up behind the Jeep and had this look of horror on her face. I’m not sure if it was because I was making her late (honestly, if you are just leaving the house at 8:30, you are going to be late to work anyway), or because she wanted to have him for dinner.

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  1. auntie ashley Says:

    Awww!! *tear* That lady can kiss it as far as I am concerned. 😀

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