The Curse of the Three Day Weekend

Memorial Day has come and gone. We are very thankful for everything our soldiers do to keep us free! And in our free time this Memorial Day, we spent the time with family for a DELICIOUS fish fry, and then chilled poolside for the rest of the day.

Something occurred to me today as I am still having the “It’s Tuesday… why do I need to worry about my Wednesday deadlines yet?” thought. The four day weeks following a three day weekend are hell. For whatever reason, we still seem to have to cram five days of work into four days of time. I know I’m not the only one thinking this… Somewhere around my 5th or 6th conference call today I had full-on confirmation.

Tomorrow is THURSDAY, so at least we just have 2 days to go until the weekend!

Thank goodness it is after five here….

3 Responses to “The Curse of the Three Day Weekend”

  1. auntie ashley Says:

    I completely agree! I stayed almost an hour late both today and yesterday, and ate my lunch while inputting data. Good times, yo! 🙂

  2. captbrando Says:

    Working through lunch? I didn’t know you had the option NOT to work through lunch.

    Hrm… the possibilities….

  3. auntie ashley Says:

    I don’t normally, but now that I am in school 20 minutes of reading time is precious and nice when it comes along!!

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