Play it again, Sam.

Well, I headed into the airport for the last time this year (scheduled anyway).  On the way in, I had my “get psyched” music on (White Zombie) and watched a gorgeous Texas sunrise.  They don’t make ’em quite like they do down here.

Wait… who’s They?

Probably the same guys that are stealing my water!

Anyway…  What a year it has been.  I watched our son grow another year older and slowly start turning into a little person.  I watched my wife continue to grow in beauty.

And with that (and Steve Miller telling me about that magic word), I’ll people watch for the next 25 minutes or so before heading on to my flight.

Seasons Greetings!

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  1. auntie ashley Says:

    *tear* You definitely have a sweet baby boy and a wonderful wife, and I have enjoyed all the good times we have spent together as a family this last year! 🙂 I’ll be heading home for the last time this year in a few hours, wheeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t understand a thing these South Carolina people say with their accents…

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