Ahh, relax… or do you?

So, now day three into the “vacation” I am taking around our nations holiday, and I’ve been pretty good thus far.  I’ve only deleted a few emails that needed “special filing attention,” sat on a con call with legal and finance, and conducted an interview for an open position on my team… not too bad.  Been enjoying the family when I can, and then cramming in the chores that need to be done!  Where’s the vacation exactly?

Oh yeah, it’s when we leave the country & kid behind in August.

Even though I gave Chris a hard time about it, I’m really looking forward to it.  The chance to completely unplug does not come very often, and I’m going to be taking full advantage of it.

So the vacation at home consists of catching up on dentist appointments, cleaning the back yard, cleaning up the office, etc.  On Sunday, James commented that my office “looked like GTD threw up all over it.”

He’s right too, it’s a bloody disaster.

The famous Double Oak parade is tomorrow, and I’ll be driving the Mayor around in the Jeep!  I’ll have to leave the doors at the fire station or something though, because there are still torrential rains in the forecast.

Speaking of rains, we went to the lake this weekend.  Holy moly, so much water.  Not looking to stop any time soon either.  As long as Possom Kingdom is getting rain and leaving flood gates open, it’s going to rise.  Hell, as long as Whitney is getting rain, it’s going to rise.

At any rate, time to go hit the dentist and get a haircut.  Whee, Vacation!

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  1. auntie ashley Says:

    Wheee see you tomorrow!

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