Thank goodness for Dads!

Yeah, it’s a couple of days late. I could adjust the publish date on the page here, but then the story I am going to tell you will be out of order.

I went to bed Sunday night exhausted from all the Dad’s day fun and watching the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode (What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?). As I’m letting my eyes flutter closed, I was watching some lights hitting the blinds in our bedroom. Just a little bit of lightning in the distance on a warm summer night.

About an hour later (around 1am) my eyes pop open to a loud crack of thunder. Seems like it is starting to rain a little bit, but thunderstorms are not uncommon at this time of year.

Thirty minutes later, I am again woken up, but this time in addition to all the thunder and light show, there is another sound. The phone is ringing. Not many people call at 1:30ish in the AM, so after I got myself woken up enough to realize it was not the alarm clock, I sat up and wandered over to the phone. Of course, by the time I got there I had missed the call. I reviewed the Caller-ID and saw that Dad was calling from his cell.

Any dad calling at 1:30 in the AM is not good in the first place, but from their cell is even worse.

I returned the call and he alerted me to some potentially severe weather coming our way. He lives north of me, so it would hit us first. Preparing for severe weather is so much easer when you have a build up of time and readiness. It sure is not when you have to run and go grab the radio, listen for a few minutes to figure out what is going on, then distill it down for the Wife.

Lots of reported activity, but nothing confirmed. Lots of rain. LOTS of rain. I had Chris go get the kiddo and hop into the bathroom for a while. I got the radios and laptop and headed in with them. As I round the corner, I hear Chris bellow, “Don’t forget the cats!”

Well we got a ton of rain, and had a quite noisy early morning, but no tornados. Instead, massive flooding. We are very lucky that our house is safe, but south west, and north east of us the story is not the same. I guess we’re making up for that 2 year drought right now.

So thanks Dad!  We appreciate the warning!

Excitement aside, back trying to sleep at about 2:30, and woke up at 5:15 for my 7am flight to Chicago. Got to see Aunt Niece, Uncle Mike, Alex & Lynn!

Now, I’m back at DFW after returning yesterday, and heading out again. Ahh the life.

4 Responses to “Thank goodness for Dads!”

  1. auntie ashley Says:

    I second that – was lying in bed slightly awake from the thunder, and when the phone rang @ 1:30ish, I knew it was Dad, and that meant that it something was really wrong. Freaking out didn’t help the whole asthma thing, and neither did the fact that 1080AM was only breaking in every 10 minutes to update on a freaking tornado warning. Stoopids.

  2. bert Says:

    That is what family is all about. I am so glad that we bought our weather radio this year, since I might not have even woke up. You can always count on me to just make sure when it is something nasty. Montana only wakes us up if it is thundering:)

  3. captbrando Says:

    Ash: I’m surprised that you answered the phone!

  4. auntie ashley Says:

    People can change, ok?? 🙂

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