Clearance Clarence?

Well, thanks largely to weather, Randy & I are stuck in STL for the moment. Our flight on AA was cancelled because AA hates STL for some reason. We’re hoping to get out and are on SouthWest right now.

Yes we are on the plane, but due to traffic, we are sitting at the gate for another 15 minutes. The last two times Randy has been out here, AA has cancelled all flights to Dallas and he had to stay the night. We are hoping we break the trend.

2 Responses to “Clearance Clarence?”

  1. auntie ashley Says:

    Eck. Good luck. Did I ever tell you Wade and I saw Randy at DFW on our way to Lake Tahoe in March? 🙂

  2. captbrando Says:

    Nice… I think I know where he was going.

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