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Why can’t hotels get the eggs right?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Yet another hotel, yet another bad plate of eggs. Is it possible for the keeper of the scrambled eggs recipe to take some feedback and fix the soup? Now that you mention it, it should be renamed to egg soup. I spose not all is lost, however. I do get to eat lots of MEAT while trying to salvage breakfast! Oh… and if Chris is reading, I’m eating a nice big plate of fruit right now.

Things are nuts up here. People have fled Katrina and are coming in this far north. The hotel staff here is ill equipped to deal with something like this and they are running around like crazy. I learned my lesson. When natural disaster strikes, check in early!

At any rate, we are settled for the few days we are here and I really can’t complain. Well, except about the eggs.

What a party!

Sunday, August 14th, 2005

So yesterday we went off to Grapevine to hang out with my buddy Randy who just got his MS from UD this past weekend. Congrats to him! They decided to have a huge block party blowout and also had a benefit for Tuberous Sclerosis. Zack King was set up next door and they had the tunes rocking! The party organizers also had a raffle and donation box to which they received over $4300 in donations to benefit Tuberous Sclerosis!

Did we win anything? Hells yeah! We won a free weekend rental of a margarita machine! HOLY CRAP! Margaritas from Friday-Sunday! Man, it’s going to be a brain-cell killing weekend sometime soon! We’ll let you all know so you can come by.

On a techie geeky front, I added some functionality to the weather page. You can now see the times that the max/min observations occurred by moving your mouse over the values. Neat huh?

Home office? What?

Monday, August 8th, 2005

Yeah…. that’s what it has been like over the last three weeks. Luckily, most of it was local, but I have basically been away for three straight weeks. I’ve gotten some work done this weekend and today. 3 weeks of crap tends to pile up pretty fast!

We’re getting the football pool up and running pretty quickly here. Watched A J Feeley get an ass-bruise today. They called it a Left Gluteus Contusion. I say ass-bruise. Garrett is going to play this year! Going to put the teams in front of him and see who he likes. I bet he does not come in last place!

We sure got some rain today. A quick .89″ of rain fell over about 30 minutes. We need it, but we need MUCH more. Weather channel says that more is coming, but not anything consistent. I sure hope our bushes come back.

A bit of sad news today, Peter Jennings died. I really liked him. Of all of the national newscasters (well except for Connie Chung… where’d that hottie go?), he was the only one I really liked. Tom Brokaw is kind of funny to listen to, but man the hack of the hells (lack of Ls) really gets on my nerves. Never liked Dan Rather, especially with the recent events. Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn? Please. Peter Jennings was the calming voice for me. Sad day for broadcasting for sure.

James came up for the weekend! I certainly hope we can get him up here for the long term pretty quickly. I know his family would like that, and Garrett needs his uncle!

Well, tomorrow is back to the real world again!