What a party!

So yesterday we went off to Grapevine to hang out with my buddy Randy who just got his MS from UD this past weekend. Congrats to him! They decided to have a huge block party blowout and also had a benefit for Tuberous Sclerosis. Zack King was set up next door and they had the tunes rocking! The party organizers also had a raffle and donation box to which they received over $4300 in donations to benefit Tuberous Sclerosis!

Did we win anything? Hells yeah! We won a free weekend rental of a margarita machine! HOLY CRAP! Margaritas from Friday-Sunday! Man, it’s going to be a brain-cell killing weekend sometime soon! We’ll let you all know so you can come by.

On a techie geeky front, I added some functionality to the weather page. You can now see the times that the max/min observations occurred by moving your mouse over the values. Neat huh?

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