On to stop number 2

Welp, I’ve arrived at the second and final stop in Ireland. I’m in Wicklow at the Druids Glen. Wow, this place is amazing. I’m definitely out in the country.

Heh, for some reason around here the first floor is really the second. Let me explain. The floor on the ground is the Ground floor, the one right above it is the First floor, and so on. Caused me confusion at both hotels. This one was even weirder though, because I am on the First floor, but that is really the 3rd floor (actually the 4th) per the elevator. Much confusion, but I figured it out and made my way.

So now I’m going to do some work for a bit. I’ve considered going and getting a massage, but I am not sure yet. Real big client work starts tomorrow, so I’ve got to spend time and prepare.

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