Month: July 2004

  • Yep, I’m lame.

    So sorry, but things have been ABSOLUTELY NUTZ over here. Starting with too much travel lately, to really looking for a new house. Yep, our place is on the market now. The listing is here. They finally got everything up on the listing! Jerry is pretty upset that we are moving. I’d like to leave…

  • Interesting!

    Very interesting communications today! I got an email from the new owner of the Spice of Life! He said he came across the picture and my adventure by using Google (what a great little tool that thing is) and wanted to know how our voyage went. Apparently it had been renamed since I sailed her…

  • Happy 4th

    Hope everyone had a great 4th! We sure did. Thanks to everyone who came to the party. SO MUCH FOOD, and soooooogood. I think my smoking out in the rain helped. Anyway… off for a bit. Schoolwork and Ham stuff is taking up my time at the moment. I’ll be back soon!