Very interesting communications today! I got an email from the new owner of the Spice of Life! He said he came across the picture and my adventure by using Google (what a great little tool that thing is) and wanted to know how our voyage went. Apparently it had been renamed since I sailed her and now this new owner bought it and moved it up to the northeast coast. I thought that was pretty fargin interesting. I sent him an email and I know he will love his new purchase. I would have loved to own her if I were close to the ocean.

I’m slowly working towards graduation and it is really becoming a stress reducer. Senioritis all over for the third time. w00t. I’ve had some inquiries on when the party will be, and I have not thought much about it. I think this time that we should just go hit like a Dave & Buster’s or something. Who knows.

TGIF of course. I’m heading out to San Fran on Sunday returning Tuesday so the weekend is cut a little short. And I really need to quit traveling on Sunday. I’m not sure about getting up at 4am to hop early flights on Monday, but I sure would like my Sunday evenings back when I travel. I do get Friday afternoons back for sure when I travel all week, so maybe its a tradeoff.

So we might be looking for new houses a bit earlier than we thought. I’ve got a realtor coming over on Wednesday to chat about the possibilities. We’ll just have to see.

Anyway, I’m out for now. Got a pretty busy day ahead of me.

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