AIF, Page Turning Time! (121.2 hours)

You know, I have avoided updating here because flying has been more frequent lately and the adventures are pretty similar, if you catch my drift. But they are still adventures, for sure! For example, I get to participate in Skyball this weekend, and I’m SO JAZZED!

The Lease!
The Lease!

Some highlights from this time around. I ended up taking some aerial shots of Pop’s new deer lease. For him, it was insanely helpful as they have been struggling with certain areas of the lease as far as brush and terrain. Its not been very easy to get back there. So Wade & I flew out there with the GoPro sticking on the back of the plane to take shots.

This was not the first time I had flown with the GoPro suction-cupped to a plane, but I will say that it was a very strange sensation. I almost wish I had rudder trim on that plane as I had to put a small input into the rudder to counter the drag from the camera. Even as small as it is, physics can be a pain.

Other than that, it’s been a day flight here, lunch run there, just enjoying being up in the sky. It’s been a pretty hot summer, so I’ve avoided getting up in the air for that reason. It’s great at altitude, but on the ramp it REALLY sucks. In fact, I went up yesterday for currency and was in and out of the airport in 45 minutes (from hangar door open to hangar door closed) and I’m sure I smelled lovely after that. For the short period I was up above 800′ AGL, it was LOVELY. But that was only a little bit of the time. Anyway, here are my stats thus far:

  • 121.2 total hours
  • 330 Takeoffs/Landings
  • 6.1 night
  • 3.1 Simulated Instrument
  • 51.3 Cross country
  • 33.9 Dual
  • 92.6 Pilot in Command

Will see you guys in the sky soon!

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