My Favorite Silverado Feature

Well, my fun with the Silverado is over. I turned it back to my North Texas Chevy Dealer a few hours ago, and I am missing it. I wanted to wait to write about my favorite feature until after I turned it in to see what I missed it most.

Love those Silverados!

Want to guess what it was?

Yep, it was the iPhone integration and XM Radio. I got back into my car after dropping off the Silverado and found myself wanting to tune to the 90s on 9, or Blue Collar Radio.

No such luck.

With the iPhone integration and iPod port, I could listen to all of my music that I normally carry with me and tune to it through the truck’s radio interface. No poking around the touch screen for me! And when a call came in, I could focus on the road, hit one button on the steering wheel, and solve whatever crisis the world had presented to me via the miracle of the Ma-Bell handheld transceiver.

Callers on the other end could tell I was in a car, but they said the audio was crisp, and it was not a challenge to hear or understand me at all. I truly do miss that feature, and even though my current vehicle has something similar, it is not set up for bluetooth, OR the iPhone integration. It makes me a very sad panda.

Thank you very much to the North Texas Chevy Dealers for letting me tool around in one of your trucks for a month!

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