From “Heard It” to “PLAYIN’ It!”

One of my favorite features of the Chevy Silverado is the integration with the iPhone/iPod. The Bluetooth integration makes for safer driving with both hands on the wheel, and the audio is surprisingly good. Sure. the caller on the other end can tell you are in the car, and I wouldn’t use it for a conference call unless I was playing the Mute-On, Mute-Off game, but for one on one calls it is perfect.

But take that integration one step further and plug it into the integrated iPod jack. Now you can play back any kind of audio that you would normally listen to with your earbuds over the car! You can do this two ways. You can control the device directly through the radio and play music loaded on the device, or you can plug it into the auxiliary audio jack (takes a normal 1/8″ audio plug) and listen to Pandora or other programs that generate audio.

I’ve been playing with this feature almost every time I get in the truck, but I wanted to take it a step further.

iTunes with Truck from Branden Williams on Vimeo.

I decided to go from identifying a song to, buying and downloading that song, to finally listening to the song in the truck. I drove to one of the many Starbucks by my house and used Shazam to tag and identify the song that was playing in the store. Shazam identified it, and gave me an option to buy it on iTunes. $0.99 and three minutes later, we were listening to it in the truck! No more writing it down on a napkin and forgetting to buy it when you get home.

Instant gratification to the max!

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