How Big is that Bed?

One of our missions as a Weekend Warrior is to load up the bed of the Chevy Silverado to see how much stuff we could fit into it. I headed off to Cabela’s to see just how much I could get in there.

How Big is the Bed (part deux) from Branden Williams on Vimeo.

OK, before I go into the list of things we fit in the back, how cool was that flyover? I couldn’t have timed that ANY better. I joked that I paid the Alliance tower controller $20 for the delayed start, but of course, that was not entirely accurate.

Now on to the cargo—that’s an impressive list of stuff! Here’s what we got in the back:

  • Not one, but TWO kayaks
  • A deer blind
  • Sleeping bag
  • Coleman stove
  • Truck Tent
  • Deer decoy

That’s quite a bit of gear to take with you on your next hunting or camping trip! The bed easily held all this gear, and could hold quite a bit more. You could even put the gear on the bottom and kayaks on top, strapped down to the bed of course.

Having this much cargo room is dangerous on the pocketbook!

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