I lost my truck!


It happens to the best of us, right? You rush to the airport and have every intention of writing down where you parked, or taking a picture, or making a song about your parking spot.

(Sung to Beethoven’s Fifth): Here is my caaaaaaar!  Near Gate C Eleveeeeeeeeeeeeen.

And of course I have NEVER done anything like that. Ever.

So here I am, leaving the Silverado somewhere on the second level of Terminal D, running to catch a flight. Usually I write my parking space down right away, but this day I didn’t. It became Future Brando’s problem.

Two days later I arrived back in Dallas, cursing Past Brando (that guy is a JERK), preparing myself for the long search for a white Silverado that my key starts. I decided to use the “Find My Truck” feature, also known as the “Press-The-Panic-Button-to-make-Car-go-BEEP” feature. One thing that I like about Chevy’s version of this feature is simply pressing the button (instead of holding it down) will make the vehicle beep and flash three times. Much less intrusive than the long beeps that you can never seem to stop, even standing right next to the car.

I lost my truck! from Branden Williams on Vimeo.

As you can see from the video above, once I got in range of the truck it dutifully told me exactly where I could find it. One thing I have found so far is the remote has a tremendous range. Other vehicles I have driven tend to be within about 30-50 feet before they start working, but I’ve been a good 100 yards, line of sight, to the vehicle and had it respond.  In that video, I am about 35-40 yards away when it started responding.

It’s a time saver!

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