Talking about Trucks

As part of the weekend warrior fun, I got to go with one of my fellow warriors to the WFAA studios to record a quick segment on the Silverado! Here’s the clip:

Some fun notes:

  • Watching the hosts transform from their first cup of coffee to morning host was cool!
  • When I arrived in the green room, the Today show was on (oops)
  • We got to see Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire) from the green room, but he didn’t come in and say Hi.
  • I did not eat any of the scrumptious food that was just off camera.
  • The boot camp out in the plaza looked scary.
  • The hosts were AWESOME.
  • We didn’t get to take the trucks on the plaza, but we really wanted to.
  • Even on a show like GMT, there will still be someone in the green room acting like a grumpus. It wasn’t me.

Check back soon for a post on how I found my truck at the airport, and another feature you need!

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