Being a Good Samaritan

I like to believe, in general, that people want to help their fellow man. In stark contrast to this humane underpinning of our being, we’re in a hurry. Constantly rushing from place to place to check off all of the things on our To Do list. Add to that the number of good samaritans (or their children) that have given their lives for others when stopped on our busy Texas highways.

OnStar Emergency Button

Enter OnStar’s Emergency Button! When I had my demo of OnStar at my North Texas Chevy Dealer, I learned that the Emergency Button isn’t just for when you spill your coffee ((Seriously, don’t use it for that.)), it’s also for lending help to your fellow man when they need help. I’ve now used this button twice, and aside from it feeling good to help out my fellow man, it is incredibly easy to complete the report.  In the video below, you will see that the entire conversation takes less than ninety seconds!

Being a Good Samaritan. from Branden Williams on Vimeo.

While this report was relatively minor in severity (a stalled car is not normally a big deal, but in a construction zone where you have two lanes and concrete barriers it can be deadly), the other report I reference in the video was much scarier.

We were driving on 121 South where 820 and 183 join in around the North East Mall (Hurst), and as we crested the hill from the southbound 183 ramp, we noticed that one of the overhead lights had fallen and was sitting in the roadway.  Normally, an obstacle that large would be easy to avoid, but it was sitting in the road RIGHT over the hill.  Drivers only had seconds to react before crashing into the massive kettle reflector.

Calling in that report was my first use of the Emergency button, and just like in the video above, I reported what I saw and how far behind me it was. The only way it could have been easier is if OnStar was implanted directly in my brain.

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