The Silverado Extended Cab… uh… CAB!

Greetings everyone!  This is my first post as a Chevy Weekend Warrior. Read my bio here, and check out my videos here. Now, on to the fun!

When I got the Chevy Silverado Extended Cab, I must say I was a little worried. When I started this adventure, I wanted to make sure my family got to take it with me. I opened the doors at my North Texas Chevy Dealer, and there was hope!  The rear-hinged back doors that are on both sides of the cab opened very smoothly and more than wide enough to move car seats in and out.

So I gave it a shot!

We loaded up the car seats, and headed out to dinner with PLENTY of room for all of us. In fact, the next night I piled three other adults in the cab and those sitting in the back were plenty comfortable!

But on to the car seats. In the video below, I loaded up both kids in the back seat so you can see how much room they all have:

Silverado Cab from Branden Williams on Vimeo.

I have yet to fill the cab or the bed up, but that’s for a future adventure to Cabela’s!

The Chevy Weekend Warriors campaign is being sponsored by your North Texas Chevy Dealers who gave me a 2011 Chevy Silverado, Texas Edition, to test drive for five weeks and blog about my experiences using the truck. The North Texas Chevy Dealers have given me some fun missions to go on and have provided me with gift cards to complete the missions.

For more information on the Chevy Silverado, check out the Silverado Website. Follow the Gotta Love Chevy DFW Facebook group, and check out Twitter at @chevydfw. Finally, follow all of the Chevy Warrior adventures by tracking the hashtag #chevywarriors!

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