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AIF, 81.4 hours (2.5 hours last flights)

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Pretty lame of me to be flying and not posting!  I got a little bored and decided to go flying a couple of times over the last few months.  The first flight was with a friend on Feb 20 where we took 80508 up for a spin around the north end of Tarrant county.  Had a little scheduling snafu, and someone else (who was LAZY AND MEAN) took the plane I reserved, so we stayed local.  Having personal limits is important, and I’ll be damned if I am flying in or around Class B airspace with only one functioning radio (with no standby frequency and a manual clunky-chunk turn).

Wrapping up!

Regardless, had a good time and logged three landings and .8 hours.

Next, my kick ass right seat warmer James was back in town, so we took 8348M from DTO up for a spin around down town!  The airspace was pretty congested, so this was the first time I had to hold over White Rock Lake.  Like just do circles.  WHEEEE.  That was a nice 1.1 hour flight.  Just before that, I needed to get re-current with this rental facility and logged .6 hours with an instructor.  He was VERY happy with my proficiency, and pulled an engine out on my downwind.  Stuck the landing. Total of four landings with those two flights.

I have some video from our downtown trip, so when I get some time I’ll edit that together for you guys.