AIF, 78.9 hours (.9 hours this flight)

Well, I’m kinda late posting this one.  I didn’t fly today, I flew on December 10 with James!  Had a fun time in the Diamond DA-20. After flying that one a few times, I really have come to love how easy and fun it is to fly.  I’ve not been in a Cessna 172 in a while, but the next time I go, that’s what I’m going to take up.  Figure it would be nice to get back to a normal yoke vs. this fancy stick thing I’ve been doing.

Course, I won’t feel like a fighter pilot either, but oh well.

Anyway, easy quick flight.  Did a tour north of Alliance and came back to land.  We both had stuff going on that afternoon so an extended tour was not an option.  Here’s a video of me on final!

James & Brando and the DA20! from Branden Williams on Vimeo.

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