AIF, 71.9 hours (0.8 hours last flight)

runway-lightsTime to work on those landings! Yes, I now have 214 of them, but the last several flights I have noticed that I am not maintaining the center line very well. In fact, I typically am drifting to the left side of center.

Garrett was bummed that he did not get to go flying with us last time, so I got him loaded up and we went up in a 172 to go practice landings. We did all of our work at Alliance on 16L and 16R. I think this is just one of those things that if I pay attention to, it solves itself. Every landing was spot on (except the last one which I bounced a bit).

As we were executing our turnout back to 52F, the Diamond that was practicing on 16L asked the tower to light up the Christmas tree. That’s what pilots refer to the pretty lights you see in the picture (Picture credit to Ben Orloff). I never thought to ask if they could do it during the day! I’ll have to ask that if the airport is dead calm the next time I am over there.

Overall, nothing too exciting. Ceiling was at 3,000 feet, so that made for low flying. Thankfully, Alliance is only about seven miles from 52F. Quick flight-only .8 hours. But I did log six more landings and I did get to fly!

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