AIF, 71.1 hours (1.8 hours last flight)

Page turning time! After today’s flight to Ardmore OK for barbecue at the Blue Pig, I have now completed another page in my log book! Here are the stats.

  • 208 Takeoffs/Landings
  • 71.1 total hours
  • 6.1 night
  • 3.1 Simulated Instrument
  • 25.0 Cross country
  • 26.8 Dual
  • 45.4 Pilot in Command

The fun part with this flight was WIND. Yes, just like the last cross country I flew, we had some pretty gnarly winds. 22-25kts tail wind pushing us there, and 22-25kts head wind keeping us from returning. Everyone seemed to enjoy the BBQ, and we saw some pretty sweet aircraft parked on the ramp.

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