AIF 69.3 hours (1.1 hours last flight)

Believe it or not, this was only the SECOND time that Chris has been up with me! While she was pregnant with Payton, she joined Garret & James in the 172 I qualified in, but after that she thought she would be too uncomfortable in the seats, so we have not gone since that day in August.

But on Friday night, we did the downtown Dallas tour in the SportStar! What a fun ride! The night was very clear thanks to a cold front that was moving through, and we were not the only group that decided the flight would be a good idea. That was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Partially because of the north wind, we had jets on approach and landing right through our flight path.

In the future, with a north wind, I might just pass on the scenic tour.

We did our tour and headed back without incident. Only an hour of flight time, but it was a great hour spent with Chris at 1,500 feet.

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