AIF 63.8 hours (.8 hours last flight)

Well, the economic situation is affecting companies far and wide. My old flight school is shutting down. I was not renting through them for the flight I am planning for tomorrow, but was renting through someone on the field. I heard this news when I tried to confirm my reservation, and apparently, the whole thing is imploding.

Didn’t get a call, so if I had not checked in, I would have been SOL tomorrow. Thank goodness I did!

So what I did today, is got set up with another flight school at Denton Municipal Airport (DTO) and did my checkride with CFI Kyle. Things were WINDY, and VFR was close to minimums, but we got it done. So it looks like there won’t be too many more stories about Northwest Regional (52F) for a while.

Cloud dodging is not fun. We did it, pulled some Gs, kept the aircraft within limits (barely), but it was definitely a great experience as I feel like my personal minimums have improved slightly.

The last landing today almost turned into a carrier landing. 20kts steady, gusting to 30, with a 20-40 degree crosswind component. We were riding one of those gusts at about 20 feet above the runway, and it abruptly stopped. No worries, add lots of power, only dropped about 15 feet, recovered nicely and set it down uber smooth.

Both landings were that way. If it is calm tomorrow, I am sure I’ll have a rough one… comes with the territory.

Anyway… Felt good after today to be back up in the air, and looking forward to the flight tomorrow!

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