AIF, 60.9 hours (1.6 hours last flight)

Voiceover extraordinaire Ryan Pugh and I took the SportStar up today. BEAUTIFUL day to fly! We started by hitting KAFW for a couple of touch & go’s on the big runway (16L). Ahh the old days.

After that, we headed north west. I was just planning on flying around the lake; nothing big. But then we decided to go do the downtown Dallas tour. Turns out, the Adolphus Christmas Parade was going on! Got to see it from the air.

Oh, and if you are a pilot and happen to fly over a parade, watch out for stray balloons. We did not hit any, but a couple zoomed by pretty close. Felt about as scary as seeing a hawk do a dive-bomb right off your nose.

Anyway… so D/FW was too busy to let us fly over the top today (although someone else DID get routed over D/FW shortly after we were denied), so we flew on the south end, exited the Class B, and then had to transition Alliance’s Class D to get home.

On approach and landing today, we finally had the forethought to VIDEO IT! Yep, you want to see what it is like to fly a visual approach to 52F? Here it is. Enjoy!

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