Going FLYING on Sunday!

Hey baby birds… Been a little lax at posting lately as it has been an insane couple of weeks. This is the longest stretch of days that I have been home in at least a month, if not more than one. Plus we all caught a cold, so we’re dealing with that.

Thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes! Hope to see you guys later for the party.

And, I’m going FLYING on Sunday! Going to re-do the skydive attempt, but we have a few more folks going. I’m going to be ready with the camera, and catch them as they come down. I love flying so much, it’s just a joy to be the cab driver up to the airfield.

Maybe on the way back I’ll show those folks the uphill landing at Ironhead.

Anyway, I’m testing for a couple of certifications tomorrow and will be partying later!

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