AIF, 49.1 hours (2.3 hours last flight)

Today was a pretty interesting flight day. Springfield & I took the SportStar down to Stephenville to hit Hard Eight Barbecue. Holy moly… food is tasty.

En route, we hit some rain! You can still fly under visual flight rules (VFR) in the rain, but ATC was willing to divert us if necessary. Was pretty cool! On the way back we were DENIED access through the Class B, so we had to descend much earlier than anticipated. Doing well on the landings in the SportStar again, even on my home field with the shorter runway.

Today was also momentous because I flipped a new page in my logbook! Here are my stats.

  • 184 Takeoffs/Landings (As Springfield pointed out, it is good when these numbers match.
  • 49.1 total hours
  • 3.4 night
  • 3.1 Simulated Instrument
  • 13.3 Cross country
  • 26.8 Dual
  • 23.4 Pilot in Command

Tomorrow we head to Skydive Dallas (via airplane!) to take some folks skydiving, and on Wednesday I am doing a night flight. Then Saturday, I am flying around the airshow to take aerial pictures of Pop’s lease!

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