AIF, 42.8 hours (1.1 hours last flight)

Last Friday was a big day for us. It was the first time I took up the family in the Cessna 172! I had James sit right seat so that Mama & Garrett could enjoy the back together. Garrett LOVED it. We were worried he would scream at the plane, but after being a little tentative, he walked right up to the plane and hopped into the backseat.

We just stayed local as we didn’t have a ton of time. We flew out to Lake Bridgeport and then came on back. James wanted to do a landing on the big runway at Alliance, but there was too much traffic, so we just did a touch & go on 16R.

Then we got our turn out over Texas Motor Speedway and headed back to the field. The only bummer thing is that the audio in the back seat was not working properly, and they could not hear us. We could hear them though. Mama got bored I think and Garrett almost fell asleep.

I’m going to be checking with my instructor sometime in the next couple of weeks so I can get some time to have him demonstrate spins in the 172, and then do a couple of actual soft field landing/takeoffs. 52F has grass, so hopefully I can do it there.

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