Pubs I visited in The Rocks

I was trying to think of all of the pubs I hit in The Rocks, and was having trouble remembering them last night. I wanted to record them here while I was still thinking about it!

  • Australian Heritage Hotel – One of the best beer selections
  • Observer Hotel
  • Mercantile Hotel – Saw live music here twice
  • The Lord Nelson’s Brewery Hotel
  • Hero of Waterloo – Best decor
  • Glenmore Hotel – One of the best rooftop pubs in The Rocks
  • Jacksons on George – Open late!
  • Orient Hotel – Awesome music, and best memories of the trip

Why are they called Hotels? Glad you asked.

Back in the day, they used to try to be the one stop shop for the sailors that came into town with their pockets lined with cash. Bottom floor is the pub, the ladies were up on the second floor, and accommodations up on the third or higher.

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