Sydney, Day 3

This is one amazing city.  Perfect?  Pretty close.  It is definitely a city I could see living in with enough money.  The Rocks is an amazing part of Sydney, and the pub tour I did today highlighted the culture there.  I had a pretty big day today and am heading to bed shortly.  Here’s what I did.

  • Woke up late, but good thing because the conference call (late Friday US time) got cancelled.
  • Went to the Starbucks on the corner for breakfast
  • Walked through The Rocks to the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • Walked the footpath & climbed in the tower
  • Headed back over to Circular Quay, bought a ferry ticket to Darling Harbour, and then walked to the Opera House
  • Walked around and took some pictures of the Opera House, and inquired about the tours
  • Made a last minute decision to take the tour
  • Briskly walked back to catch the ferry
  • Rode the ferry to Darling Harbour
  • Had lunch
  • Hit the aquarium (not as great as I hoped)
  • Headed back to Circular Quay, and then to the hotel
  • Took a load off, fixed/charged my Blackberry
  • Loaded back on and headed to the pub tour in The Rocks
  • Did the tour
  • Went back to Glenmore for food
  • Hit the Mercantile for drinks & music
  • Petered out and headed back to the hotel
  • Got a drink, watched a crappy hotel lounge band
  • Talking to you.

That about does it!  Now I need to sort laundry and pack because I am headed to Brisbane early in the morning.

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