QPT, 36.8 hours (12.9 solo)

Just got back at my desk from a quick trip out to San Francisco and I realized, I FORGOT to tell you about my flight yesterday AM! I took out the same plane I did my night flight in (N80508) and went over to Alliance to do more touch & gos. Why do we continue to practice this? Well, take off and landing are the most dangerous parts of flight. It’s important to keep up the practice with this critical maneuver.

So I threw down just short of a dozen, then headed back to 52F. One thing I did get to see was several helicopters taking off from Alliance. The tower has them hover taxi over to the main taxi way (Alpha) and then clears them for takeoff. Kinda weird to watch while you are in the pattern and using the main runway.

Tomorrow morning I fly the Sport Star again so I can get my five hours of dual instruction. Then I can take it when I want (after I finish).

Just 3.2 hours to go!

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