QPT, 33.3 hours (11.5 solo)

More hood work today! Not as exciting as yesterday, but we did fly direct to the Bowie VOR so I could practice flying on a radial and see the gauge flip from TO to FROM over the top. I could also see it from the air (and saw it before my instructor did, but only because I knew exactly what I was looking for, and I cheated by lifting my head up so I could see out the window).

I need .4 more hours of simulated hood time. We’ll do that on my checkride prep which will probably be this Saturday morning. I just filled out my second page in the logbook, so I thought I’d list my stats to date.

  • Total Hours: 33.3
  • Solo (PIC) Hours: 11.5
  • Dual Hours: 21.8
  • Cross Country Hours: 9.4
  • Night Hours: 1.3
  • Hood (Simulated IFR) Hours: 2.6
  • Total Landing/Take Off: 133

Tonight I am doing my night cross country in N80508. If you are in the Dallas area and want to try and follow me, you can start by tuning to 135.15 (Alliance Tower) in your trusty scanner until you hear the instruction to contact departure, and switch to 118.1. They will keep up with me as I do my trip. You will need to listen for my call sign and catch any frequency changes they call out or you will quickly lose me.

Will write some time tomorrow on my experience!

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