QPT, 31.7 hours (11.5 solo)

Today was hood work. What is hood work? It’s instrument only flying. You do that in the 172 by putting on Foggles, which block your view outside. It was very weird flying that way, but it got REALLY weird was when we practiced something called unusual attitudes. This is essentially prep work for my checkride where the examiner will pull and push all kinds of levers in the plane while you are looking down at your lap, and then tells you to recover.

Why is it wierd?

You cannot see the horizon. So your inner ear is telling you that you are doing one thing, but your instruments are saying another. The exercise is designed to make you trust your instruments.

If I had not taken my airsick medicine, I would have probably yakked. The heat certainly contributed to that.

So I only got 1.2 hours of hood time today and I need three total hours. We’re doing more hood work tomorrow AM, and then I do my night cross country tomorrow night. I’m going to get some good hours there because of the amount of flying I have to do. 2.5 for sure, if not three.

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