QPT, 30.3 hours (11.5 solo)

Made up for yesterday’s puny .4 hours today with 1.6! I just spent the time over at Alliance. Logged 15 landings!!! Really starting to get the feel and finesse of those. I am sure I will still have the occasional carrier landing, but hoping that I’m getting the hang of just having the tires kiss the ground.

I did all but one of my landings on 16R, the first was on 16L. The field was dead when I arrived, but was REALLY busy when I left.

Couple of important milestones today. 1) Over 30 hours! Not too far from my checkride now! 2) Met my solo hour requirement (10 hours). Now all I need are 1.7 hours of night flight (will do that Monday), and three hours of instrument training (will do that tomorrow & Monday).

Finally, I’m going to get my last 1.5 or so hours in the Sport Star that I need to go fly that thing solo next week. I think that’s the first one I’m taking Mimi up in.

Off to the circus!

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