QPT, 28.7 hours (9.9 solo)

.4 hours? That’s it? Yeah… more weather. That same low level trough that has been sitting over Oklahoma has been kicking up storms around here for the latter part of the week. Before I left, everything was south and west, and moving to the north west. Then when I got there, a cell popped up over Frisco, and it was pouring rain at 52F.

I spoke with one of the other pilots there for a while and we eventually moved the plane out of the hangar. I got greens across the board and decided to just do touch & gos at the 52F.

After the third time around in the pattern, I started seeing flashes of lightning in the cell that was to the north east. It was still easily 20 miles away at that point, so I kept on it and decided to do a few more. On the 5th time around the lightning was probably 10-15 miles now, and I decided that it was probably not safe for me up there anymore.

So I hopped on down to the field and made a quick stop at the gas pumps and filled up.

So there you go. Four take offs, four landings, one go around, and .4 hours.

Going to shoot for more flight time tomorrow.

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